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Increase the capacity available to you and your team for processing and analyzing large data sets without the risk of additional large capital investments.

Big Data Sets

Nimbix and the JARVICE platform can scale to meet almost any demand for the Oil & Gas industry’s large data sets. Choose fast, faster or fastest to get the job done.

Seismic Processing

Nimbix is supercomputing cloud strength for computational demands of seismic analysis. Choose from our existing applications in the Nimbix Application Marketplace or build your own.

Reservoir Simulation

Run higher fidelity simulations, increase reservoir productivity and make better investment decisions.

Physics done fast.


Nimbix cloud supercomputing features the latest GPUs to accelerate RTM applications.


Cloud Computing: Build

Using JARVICE, with a minimal amount of development, you can build and implement the data processing applications that integrate with your workflow. More


With a few clicks, you can hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run. JARVICE does all the work: start up, execution, completion and notification. More


The real value in HPC happens when you interpret those huge amounts of data. JARVICE can send your data anywhere you need it in a variety of formats to help you visualize, review, and analyze your results. More


Kinetica transforms energy and petroleum data into actionable insights and increased business value. For example, oil and gas companies need to be able to leverage real-time pipeline, well, and spatial data to determine the most viable oil fields for exploration, to remotely monitor drilling and production performance, and to prevent safety and environmental issues. Kinetica’s next-generation visualization and geospatial tools allow oil and gas managers to perform a faster and richer analysis of seismic, drilling, and production data in order to improve geologic analysis, reduce exploration risk, increase drill and production performance, and improve oil market forecasting.

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