Advanced Features for Team Administrators using the JARVICE™ Platform

April 30, 2020

JARVICE is the platform that powers the Nimbix Cloud.  Built from the ground up for today’s most demanding workflows, JARVICE delivers superior performance, capabilities, and ease of use – whether enabling simulation, machine learning, life sciences, or other applications. In this article, we're going to share with you the newest team admin features; and at any time, you can view all of our support documentation at Also, if you haven't, sign up for our Platform Updates email to get JARVICE updates in your inbox. 

The Team Log feature enables team admins to see when users:

Audit Logging

Team admins are now able to view actions taken by themselves as well as all of their team members in the new Team Log. To access the Team Log, click on "Account" on the right navigation menu and then click on "Team Log." 


Submit Jobs

Shutdown Jobs

Shutdown Jobs via API

Application Management for Teams

Team admins can now curate a list of applications their team can access and use. As a team admin, you can set restrictions or allow access to applications on a user-by-user basis. You may also want to use this feature in conjunction with setting resource limits to help control usage and spend.

Permissions include:

Managing your Team Permissions

Team admins may want to give permissions to specific team members or even restrict select team members from accessing particular applications. On this page, permissions can be given, restrictions can be set, and team admins can lock or remove users.

Promote a user to admin status

Restrict a user

Lock a user

Remove a user

How to Impersonate a Team Member

Team admins can impersonate a team member so the team admin can start or stop jobs on the team member's behalf, check the status of a job that is currently running, as well as other standard actions a team member can take.  

To learn more about any of these features, click on the feature title. If you have any questions, please email

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