The World of High Performance Cloud Computing in 2014

January 7, 2014 VIEW ALL


As we enter 2014, I first want to thank all of our incredible customers and partners for a fantastic 2013! The world is a better place in 2014 in part due to the innovations and research of engineers and scientists around the world using high performance cloud computing to solve problems and introduce new products and services.

We are proud to support the work of our customers in energy exploration, life sciences, manufacturing, enterprise analytics and media & entertainment to name a few end markets that have made a huge impact on the world in 2013.

While high performance computing users have been experimenting with cloud computing since its infancy a number of years ago, certainly this past year has seen a much broader acceptance and adoption for important productivity work across many different areas of HPC. Even so, there is more work to be done to enable HPC clouds to become as economical and ubiquitous for offloading elastic HPC tasks as commodity cloud infrastructure providers. With themes of growth, acceptance and accessibility, here are some trends we feel 2014 has in store for the world of HPC cloud computing:

    • Continued growth in public cloud sector supporting high performance workloads.
    • Expansion of the number of traditional HPC application providers embracing cloud business models.
    • Enhanced security services and certifications for highly sensitive workloads.
    • Simplified data management processes that synchronize large data sets with compute resources.
    • Proliferation of cloud-enabled collaboration tools to increase productivity of multi-site teams.
    • Improved automation and orchestration tools for processing data versus provisioning infrastructure

Of course for a given industry, these trends may be valued differently, but the broad brush view is that public clouds will become more capable, more secure, and easier to use for traditional HPC workloads in 2014.

Since Nimbix has its roots in computational acceleration hardware, such as GPUs, FPGAs, and multi-core technology, we have long been focused on hardware capability for HPC workloads. However, equally as important is the software that makes the movement of work in secure cloud environments as easy, or even easier, than running on clusters at home. In 2013, we oriented our focus around software tools to enable the creation of secure, custom HPC application environments for on demand task execution. These tools, part of our announced HPC cloud platform, JARVICE, will be extended in 2014 to help support growth, acceptance and accessibility of high performance clouds.

We look forward to another challenging and rewarding year in High Performance Cloud Computing and wish all of our customers and partners a prosperous New Year!


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