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October 17, 2013 VIEW ALL

When I was a kid in the 1980’s I dreamed about creating affordable parallel supercomputers based on what I thought would one day be commodity microprocessors.  I even cooked up my own RISC and VLIW-style instruction sets.  The killer apps, as far as I could imagine into the future, were things like image processing and rendering.  Even though we do this on laptops now, large scale computation for all sorts of new applications is more relevant and exciting than ever.

I progressed my career through industrial automation, telecommunications, and Enterprise virtualization – always looking for the thrill of solving HUGE problems requiring massive scale.

When I was ready for a new challenge, it goes without saying that mobile apps and the like would not fit the bill (with all due respect to all my friends and colleagues creating such important technologies.)  So imagine my excitement when I discovered Nimbix!  If that wasn’t enough, it took one conversation with Steve Hebert (co-founder and CEO), to realize that there was a perfect fit and a tremendous opportunity.  Meeting the rest of the team shortly thereafter was equally impressive.

What sets Nimbix apart from other HPC service providers are two things: first, the technology is highly differentiated and not just a collection of commodity bits deployed in a data center.  Second, the passion, vision, and sheer belief the team shares is something to behold.  Here is a company that was built by hand, from humble beginnings, to solve some of the biggest problems the world faces today.  It’s not just a new way to utilize spare capacity on web servers, or a “me too” services story.  In 3 years, Nimbix has managed to create a polished, state of the art offering, with serious scale, and secure solid customer relationships to go with that.  This does not happen by accident.  As someone who has either founded or been around startups for over 12 years, I had instant appreciation and admiration for what this team has done.

I’m equally impressed with Silver Creek Ventures, who actually introduced me to Nimbix, for their level-headed approach to company building.  I believe in incremental success leading to bigger things, and having investors on the same page is refreshing.  The perfect alignment of investment, growth, and go-to-market strategies is just something you don’t see too often in venture capital-backed companies these days.

At Nimbix, I have the opportunity to make a real difference, both for the company and for the market at large.  I firmly believe that creating technology is about solving real-world problems, not just “doing cool things”.  I can definitely imagine a day not too far into the future when High Performance Computing leads to breakthroughs such as curing cancer, predicting natural disasters, and improving daily life in general.  Having the opportunity to work with a maniacally focused team advancing the technology to enable this is literally a dream come true.


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