Faster, better, less expensive cloud computing. Yes, really.

A purpose-built cloud for the world’s most demanding workloads

From engineering, to life sciences, to oil and gas, we understand the unique challenges of compute-intensive environments. In fact, those challenges inspired us to develop the industry’s first true supercomputing cloud. And now we want to put it to work for your business.


Powerful performance

Instead of relying on virtualization, as many of our competitors do, the Nimbix cloud is built on powerful bare-metal machines. This approach gives you the ability to complete complex tasks faster than ever before. All at a cost that’s typically lower than alternative solutions.

Meet JARVICE™, our Platform


Quick to implement. Easy to use.

As a company that prides itself on responsiveness, our goal is to solve your problems today—not six weeks from now. And, because our platform is totally intuitive, with nothing new for your users to learn, your time-to-value is greatly accelerated. And you’re free to focus on your business.

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"In terms of ease of use, Nimbix blows the doors off of AWS!  What I did on Nimbix in 30 minutes took six weeks on AWS, and that's just in terms of set up, and I've been using AWS for six years, Nimbix for only three hours!" - Chris Sullivan, OSU

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