Xilinx FPGAs on the Nimbix Cloud

Accelerate your Workloads

Nimbix and Xilinx have partnered to create the next generation of applications leveraging the computational density of an FPGA from C/ C++ and OpenCL. The SDAccel™ development environment for OpenCL™, C, and C++, enables up to 25X better performance/watt for data center application acceleration leveraging FPGAs.


SDAccel™ is a development environment for OpenCL™ applications targeting Xilinx® FPGA based accelerator cards. This environment enables concurrent programming of the in-system processor and the FPGA fabric without the need for RTL design experience. The application is captured as a host program written in C/C++ and a set of computation kernels expressed in C, C++, or the OpenCL C language. The offering from Nimbix dramatically lowers the barrier to leveraging the high performance, energy efficient power of FPGAs to accelerate high-end computational workflows across all industries. Developers can now run these tools in the cloud and then test and deploy on the latest Xilinx- accelerated hardware with no upfront investment or equipment purchases.