Nimbix Introduces New HPC Cloud Platform:

JARVICE Delivers Accelerated Computing Capabilites to Cloud

Cloud Super-computing

A secure web service for high performance computing applications. Run on shared or private infrastructure to extend in-house processing and lower cloud costs.
Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud


Manage and Build Application Environments on Nimbix Cloud Servers.

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Supercomputing Made Simple

Never before has high performance computing been easier. Through a simple web portal or the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (NACC) Application API, launch secure high performance jobs in the Nimbix cloud. No need to provision hundreds of cloud instances or manage cloud systems. Data is uploaded, processed and returned and you pay only for accrual processing time. Learn more about how to leverage the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud to support high performance applications.

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High Performance Applications

Accelerator-optimized applications can be launched with available hybrid resources. These applications run up to hundreds of times faster delivering performance at a fraction of traditional workload power consumption.

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