Nimbix is a pure high performance computing (HPC) cloud built for volume, speed and simplicity. We give people the tools and the processing power to solve their biggest, toughest problems. We give you the freedom to imagine new possibilities, to test the limits of reality, and to model the future.

We keep you one step ahead of the compounding problems of processing speed and infrastructure costs. And best of all, we do it faster, better, and more economically. We give you instant access and simple interfaces. We give you options and control. It’s supercomputing made super human.



JARVICE is what makes the Nimbix Cloud unique. It’s the platform that delivers true HPC in the cloud. JARVICE is your personal supercomputer at the ready. Run your enterprise HPC applications in a browser or hand JARVICE a job via our API. JARVICE gets to work, crunches your data, wraps up your task and delivers your results. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

JARVICE in browser

The Internet of Machines

I remember feeling a little cynical when I first heard the phrase “Internet of Things” or IoT because at first, it sounded to me like just another marketing term for the tech giants to use to peddle their wares to the IT marketplace.  But what else would... read more

The Time Value of Big Data

In terms of data, there’s a relatively similar concept known as the time value of data, generally associated with business intelligence. It states that customer data decays over time and it’s best to inspect it sooner rather than later to gain insight.

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